Open Innovation report: "Future of Healthcare"


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  • What is Open Innovation;

  • Open Innovation Challenge "Future of Healthcare" overview;

  • Emerging themes, results and recommendations for healthcare organisations around the world. 


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Healthcare is one of several industries well positioned to benefit from Open Innovation. Medical professionals learn more, and faster, when they work together, by sharing what works and what does not to deliver better patient care, improve services and come up with new and innovative solutions. 

In 2021, Idea Drop hosted a global Open Innovation campaign addressing several of the challenges caused by the pandemic in the healthcare sector.  

You can download this report to find out more about the campaign, our findings and our recommendations on how to launch your own Open Innovation Challenge.

“Accomplishing successful open innovation is easier said than done as it requires an active and streamlined process for translating ideas into action.”

CRO & Co-Founder, Jonny Fisher, Idea Drop