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About this event

Top-level sponsors are crucial for setting an innovation strategy and ensuring that everyone works towards the same outcome. But sustaining success requires support from other key stakeholders, including those responsible for managing your workforce's engagement and progressing goal-aligned ideas through regular feedback. With that in mind, our recorded session will give you the tools and knowledge to structure your innovation ambassadors and key stakeholders in order to successfully embed and drive innovation in your organisation. 

Learn from leading innovation thought leaders and experts
Hear about the experiences of like-minded innovators from global enterprises
Bring valuable ideas back to your team

Event Speaker

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Doug Williams 

Shareholder at Maynard Cooper & Gale 

Six Pillars of Innovation_ Leadership - Maynard Cooper Gale

Reimagine, reignite and accelerate your innovation strategy

The Innovation Pillars events are open to those who are focused on building a sustainable innovation strategy and are ready to take their innovation initiative to the next level. 

Peer-to-peer discussions 

Learn from like-minded innovation leaders' challenges and experiences, and gain valuable insights and ideas.

Idea Drop Innovation experts 

Spark new ways of approaching innovation and embedding it into your organisation. 

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Word-class speakers 

Learn from industry experts, their successes and failures.

Embed their expertise into your innovation strategy. 

Idea Drop resources 

Utilise our frameworks and resources to come away with actionable insights.

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Access all six workshops or pick and choose the ones you're most interested in

Part 1: Define and achieve your innovation goals

Drive strategic and goal-aligned ideation with Innovation Challenges.

Part 2: Roles and responsibilities that deliver strategic innovation

Structure your innovation ambassadors to embed innovation. 

Part 3: How to create a culture of innovation

Inspire your workforce to regularly contribute ideas and to be invested in your future success. 

Access workshop materials
Access workshop materials
Access workshop materials
Part 4: How to define the steps in your innovation process 

Define your innovation process, ensuring that ideas are being actioned and realised.

Part 5: Driving engagement through communication

Communicate and promote innovation in a way that motivates your people to take action.

Part 6: How to measure your innovation's impact

Maximise your innovation impact, and validate your investment and effort. 

Access workshop materials 
Access workshop materials
Access workshop materials
Leadership workshop cover

Access the workshop materials and discover how to strengthen engagement with your innovation programme by ensuring that all of the stakeholders in your organisation are clear on their roles and responsibilities.  

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